There's Someone Who Loves You - Jim Reeves

Jim Reeves


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1. Need Me

2. Yours

3. Anna Marie

4. I Love You More

5. Blue Boy

6. I'm Beginning To Forget You

7. There's Someone Who Loves You

8. How Many Tears From Now

9. Each Time You Leave


11. I Get the Blues When It Rains

12. Subconscious Mind

13. Shepherd Of Love

14.Trying To Forget

15. I'd Rather Not Know

16. Then I'll Stop Loving You

17. I Love You Because

18. Standby

19. I Don't See Me In Your Eyes Anymore

20. Is It Really Over? 

21. He'll Have To Go

22. White Christmas


1. Mexican Joe / Yonder Comes A Sucker  

2. Jim Medley: Four Walls, I Missed Me, Tennessee Waltz, I Really Don't Want To Know, He'll Have To Go 

3. Instrumental (Blue Boys): Wheels

4. Jim Medley/Impersonations: Walking the Floor Over You, There Stands the Glass, One By One,  Guess Things Happen That Way, Mule, I Want To Be With You Always

5. Stand At Your Window 

6. Danny Boy

7. Instrumental (Jim): Wildwood Flower

8. The Blizzard

9. Your Old Love Letters  

10. Am I Losing You?

11. Instrumental (Leo & Blue Boys) Country Gentleman 

12. Instrumental (Dean & Blue Boys) Piano Roll Blues

13. An Evening Prayer

14. Conversation

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