The Ultimate - Caitlin



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1. This Life
2. Trouble's Here
3. Heaven Won't Be Heaven
4. Two Steppin' Texas blues
5. This Life
6. Close Up The Honk tonks
7. Connemara Cradle Song
8. Ashes Of Love
9. Walking On The Moon
10. Golden Ring
11. Still Feelin' blue
12. As Happy As We Were
13. Wish It Would Rain


14. Infamous Angel
15. Sweet Heart Darling Of Mine
16. Bright Blue Rose
17. After The Ball
18. Praying For Me
19. Men Of Worth
20. Come My Little Son
21. Living In These Troubled Times
22. Cheating Fire
23. You Aint Dolly (Duet With Joe Moore)
24. Erins Lovely Shore
25. Infamous Angel
26. Streets Of Promise
27. Christmas Eve In Ireland


28. Sweet Is The Melody
29. This Is My Island
30. Red Is The Rose (With Charlie Landsborough)
31. Daddy's Hands
32. Blue Moon Over My World Without You
33. Speed Of The Sound Of Loneliness
34. This Story I Tell You Is True
35. It Ain't Me Babe
36. Glens Of Home
37. It's Good To See You
38. Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain
39. Heaven's Just A Sin Away
40. Sweet Is The Melody
41. Where The Grass Grows The Greenest

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