The Mighty Man From Mayo - Seamus Moore

Seamus Moore


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  1. The Mighty Man From Mayo
  2. The Fodder Crisis
  3. Tumble Dryer
  4. The Plight Of Michael John
  5. Growing Old
  6. A Little Bit Of Plastic
  7. Grand Old River Moy
  8. Fagin’s Buckin Mule
  9. Me Cock And Pullet
  10. The Beer And The Bible
  11. Two Will Do
  12. Me Roller Skates
  13. Cupids Poison Aarow
  14. My Connemara Home
  15. Castlerea Prison Song
  16. Say You Love Me
  17. The Pheasant Plucker
  18. Riverstown Fair
Cottage By The Sea

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