The Johnny Loughrey Story Vol 1 - 3 CD Collection

Johnny Loughrey


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Johnny Loughrey – The Johnny Loughrey Story Volume 1 1990 – 1993
The Black Sheep On CD For First Time 1990
The Blacksheep * I Would Like To See You Again * I’d Rather Die Young ^Down The Road Again * So Afraid Of Losing You Again * My County Tyrone * Come Back Paddy Reilly * Tipperary On My Mind * I Need you Honest I Do * Little Town On The Shannon * Happy anniversary * My Donegal shore * We Wish You A Merry Christmas (BONUS TRACK)

Old Photographs CD 1991
It Still Takes A Woman To Build You A Home * Old Photographs * Mary With The Golden Hair * I’m Only A Stand In * Galway Bay * Shutters And Boards * Big Iron * I Can’t Help It If I’m Still In Love With You * The Green Hills Of Sligo * Millers Cave * I Wouldn’t Want To Live If You Didn’t Love Me * Raglan Road

Broken Engagements CD 1993
Broken Engagements * Any Town In Ireland * Leaving Nancy * Coat Of Many Colours * Ballad Of Bill Thaxton * I Don’t Remember Loving You * I’d Rather Love You * Little Boy Lost * Irma Jackson * Ireland My Homeland * Broken Speed Of The Sound Of Loneliness * Still The Only Girl I’ve Ever Loved * Ravishing Ruby * Love Is On A Roll * Green Fields Round Ferbane * She Thinks I still Care

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