The Essential Collection - Jimmy Buckley

Jimmy Buckley


  • The Essential Collection - Jimmy Buckley
  • The Essential Collection - Jimmy Buckley

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Disc: 1
1. From Here To The Moon and Back (duet with Claudia)
2. Goin' Through The Big D
3. If I Didn't Have A Dime
4. My Woman My Wife
5. My Galway Queen
6. Do You Mind If I Step Into Your Dreams
7. Remembering
8. Half a Heart
9. Nothing Sure Looks Good On You
10. Diggy Diggy Lo
11. Tijuana Lady
12. The Kingdom I Call Home
13. Tennessee Border
14. Bad News
15. You Gave Me a Mountain
16. Johnny Cash Selection (I Got Stripes, Falsom Prison, Ring of Fire)

Disc: 2
1. Lets Go to Vegas
2. The Grand Tour (duet with George Jones)
3. Countin' Flowers On The Wall
4. Give My Love To Rose
5. Roll Out The Red Carpet
6. Your Wedding Day
7. Daddy Danced
8. Rose Coloured Glasses
9. Noreen Bawn
10. Cottage By The Sea
11. I Told You So (duet with Claudia)
12. Just Can't Help Believin'
13. The Truckers Wallet
14. Danny Boy
15. The In Crowd
16. Blue Ridge Mountain Girl

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