The Best So Far - Lisa McHugh

Lisa McHugh


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Lisa McHugh – The Best So Far

  1. Apple Jack
  2. What You Get Is What You See
  3. She’s In Love With The Boy
  4. I’m A Little Bit Lonely
  5. Mean
  6. Blue Smoke
  7. 26 Cents
  8. Why’d Ya Come In Here
  9. You Can’t Make Old Friends (Feat. Nathan Carter)
  10. Bye Bye
  11. Who I Am
  12. Hillbilly Girl
  13. Why Have You Left The One
  14. There Were Roses
  15. Y’All Come
  16. Play Me The Waltz Of The Angels
  17. Daddy’s Little Girl
  18. Honey Honey (Feat. Derek Ryan)
  19. Peggy Gordan (Feat. Malachi Cush)
  20. Country Girl

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