Philomena Begley Red Is The Rose 42 Great Songs 2 CD's

Philomena Begley


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Philomena Begley Red Is The Rose CD


CD 1

1. Pull The Covers Over Me
2. Down River Road
3. Dark Island
4. Just One More Time
5. Queen Of The Silver Dollar
6. The Shoe Goes On The Other Foot Tonight
7. Cliffs Of Dooneen
8. Here Today Gone Tomorrow
9. Country Girl
10. Tipperary Town
11. Leaving On My Mind

12. Home I'll Be
13. Excuse Me (I Think I've Got A Heartache)
14. Darling It's Yours
15. Foolin' Around

16. Get A Little Hurt Out
17. Bright Lights And Country Music
18. Start Living Again
19. Bing Bang Boom
20. How Great Thou Art

CD 2

1. What's Wrong With The Way We Are Doing It Now
2. Red Is The Rose
3. Fallin' For You
4. Daydreams About Night Things
5. I Don't Feel Like A Movie Tonight
6. The Woman In The Moon
7. Just Because I Am A Woman
8. I Fall To Pieces
9. The Triangle Song
10. The Umbrella Song
11. Country I'm A Coming
12. Storms Never Last
13. I Burnt The Little Riverside Tavern Down
14. It's A Long Way From Heaven
15. The Nitro Express
16. Mexico
17. Hold On Woman
18. Wait A Little Longer Please Jesus
19. Only Yesterday
20. Ravishing Ruby
21. Isle Of Innisfree
22. Why Me Lord

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