Louise Morrissey - Memories of Home DVD

Louise Morrissey


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Louise Morrissey Memories of Home  DVD

1. I COULDN’T LEAVE YOU IF I TRIED (R Crowell) Film Trax Plc
2. LET THE REST OF THE WORLD GO BY (J Keirn/Brennan/Ball)
3. IN AN IRISH COUNTRY HOME (Campbell/Cassidy) Asdee Music
4. THE ROSE OF ALLENDALE (Hurley/Cassidy) Asdee Music
5. COTTAGE IN THE COUNTRY (Reid) Manuscript
6. BRIGHT SILVERY LIGHT OF THE MOON (Campbell/Cassidy) Asdee Music
7. THE HILLS OF KILLINAULE (L O’Donnell/D McCormack) Bardis/Velvet Music
8. THE TENNESSEE WALTZ (Hurley/Cassidy) Asdee Music
9. THE NIGHT DANIEL O’DONNELL (Braddock/Williams)
CAME TO TOWN Three Pub Inc Old Friends Music
10. THE OLD RUSTIC BRIDGE (Campbell/Cassidy) Asdee Music
11. FLYING HOME TO AHERLOW (N McCarthy) Asdee Music
12. PART OF ME (C Landsboro) Rita Pub
13. SLIEVENAMON (Hurley/Cassidy) Asdee Music
14. AMAZING GRACE (Hurley/Cassidy) Asdee Music

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