50 Years Of Music & Memories - Philomena Begley

Philomena Begley


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1. I Love A Ramblin’ Man, Truck Drivin’ Woman,Blanket On The Ground, Queen Of Silver Dollar
2. Old Ardboe,My Little Son,Here Today & Gone Tomorrow
3. Sailor
4. The Way Old Friends Do (Duet with Daniel O’Donnell)
5. Jackson (Duet with Aidan Quinn)
6. The Key’s in the Mailbox
7. A Village In County Tyrone
8. Bláth Mhachaire Ailligh O (The Flower Of Magherally) (Guest appearance:Andrea Begley)
9. Deportees
10. Only Yesterday
11. How Great Thou Art
12. The Umbrella Song
13. You’re The One I Can't Live Without (Duet with Ray Lynam)
14. What’s Wrong With The Way We Are Doing It Now
15. I Really Think I’m Crying (Because I Love You)
16. Tribute to Billie Jo
17. Blanket on the Ground
18. All The Road Running (Duet with Aidan Quinn)
19. I Ain’t Over The Hill

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